Opportunity is given to those whom are ready



The breadth and depth of technology fusion have fundamentally altered the way we live and work. It accelerates the transformations of production, business, and governance. Operation agility has become the essential key for a business to succeed.

No longer can an organization afford to stay status quo and expect to remain competitive. Business leaders and senior executives challenge the parameters of their teams. Product teams are relentlessly and continuously seeking ways to innovate and extend their delivery capabilities.


Over the last decade, agile practices have enabled organizations to deliver quality products with accelerated speed. Agile software development method has been widely accepted. On the other hand, still, 40% transformations failed. Because adopting tools and process are just creating a group of small self-management teams. Business’s evolving needs require end-to-end organization agility, not just isolated spots.

A well-understood and communicated strategy and roadmap is a good start. Transitioning plan needs to address the challenges in managing various project patterns, technology stacks, and operational constraints. Creating metrics show progress and procedures to take a course of correction as needed. Leadership and associates need to have same understanding and objectives of how to achieve the vision from where they are.


Localized short-term gains are often achieved with the initial enthusiasm of agile transitioning. Sustainable change requires collective behavior change. An effective and deliberate management system is needed to spread, guide and sustain change throughout all levels of the organization – aligning daily work with strategy. Leaders must evolve their leadership approach to truly transform an organization into one that successfully deploys agile and lean methodologies

Focus on collective leadership. Build a safe environment to allow failures. Create processes to reinforce behaviors -- are just a few examples. Sustainable and lasting operation agility relies on an eco-system supporting people, process, and technology. Integrating continuous improvement into an organization’s DNA, a long-term approach that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes to improve efficiency and quality.